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Significantly Reduce Mosquitos Today

High-Quality Pest Control From 5 Star Pest Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, 5 Star Pest Solutions is ready to take on all of your Pest problems! We protect your property by eliminating and preventing any pests that plague you throughout the year. 5 Star Pest Solution takes care of it all! Our professional services are available in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for the 5 Star service you deserve!

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Mosquito Services You Can Trust

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The most effective mosquito control targets their breeding areas, which is exactly what the licensed technicians at 5 Star do every time. From April through October, our experienced technicians use the most advanced treatments to keep homes mosquito-free. We take care to treat the most active areas, including the landscaping, house siding, and wood line. Our team also applies granules where water collects in the yard – up to half an acre – because this treatment targets mosquitoes in their breeding grounds. 


We value communication and efficiency, as our goal is to provide mosquito services that give lasting solutions. Our team leaves no stone unturned in treating a property because we understand the importance of thoroughly treating mosquitoes to prevent them from returning. Between our years of experience and our knowledge of local mosquitoes, we will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes bugging you this year.

The Trouble With Mosquitoes

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There is a lot to love with warm weather, what with outdoor sports, backyard barbecues, and longer daylight hours. But high temperatures and humidity have the additional downside of giving flying insects more energy, and mosquitoes are one of the worst warm weather pests. Female mosquitoes become bloodthirsty insects when they need protein for their eggs. They seek out mammals by detecting our body heat, carbon dioxide output, and sweat levels. The warmer you are, the easier it is for bloodthirsty mosquitoes to find you!

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Once a mosquito uses its proboscis (mouth parts) to pierce its host, it drinks blood until it can’t eat anymore. Their bites are so itchy because of the human body’s reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. Speaking of which, their saliva can also contain dangerous pathogens that transmit diseases to humans. The most common diseases include malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. These illnesses have their own symptoms and can cause lasting healthy issues, but they are all treatable with modern medicine. If you start experiencing symptoms after receiving a mosquito bite, please seek medical attention immediately. 


You should be able to enjoy your own outdoor space without worrying about being devoured by mosquitoes. At 5 Star, we are dedicated to completely reducing and preventing the number of mosquitoes bugging you this year.

Risky Pests

A Seasonal Battle

Mosquitoes are usually associated with summer since we often find ourselves covered in their itchy bites during that season. In reality, mosquitoes are not exclusive to those few months. They can be active from late spring through early fall. This is because mosquitoes are dependent on temperature and moisture – not a season – for their activity levels.


Mosquitoes either die off or hibernate in the winter, then become active again once the temperature is consistently above 50°F. The longer that the temperature stays up, the more time mosquitoes have to feed and produce eggs. Every mosquito species has a different time of day that they are active, but most U.S. species reach their energy peak at dusk. They cannot survive the midday heat or the nighttime chill, so dusk is the perfect time for hungry mosquitoes to emerge.


As for moisture, mosquitoes need a water source to lay their eggs within. They use all kinds of freshwater sources, from lakes to puddles to overwatered plants. One of the easiest ways to prevent mosquitoes from invading your yard is to eliminate all random water sources. After a rainstorm, shake out the collected water from any tarps, buckets, and plant drainage trays. Make sure to change your pet’s water dish regularly, and clear out any blockages in the gutters and downspouts so the water flows properly.


Learn more about 5 Star’s expert mosquito control services by contacting us today!


Every pest issue requires different treatment methods and materials, but our experienced team members can handle it all! 5 Star technicians are specialists in large-scale infestations. We offer full-service termite control with heat treatments, as well as wildlife management for invasive critters. As for pesky bed bugs, we provide full inspections, heat treatments for the whole house, and a 2 week follow-up with a 30 day guarantee. Between our lasting solutions and our efficient services, it is easy to see why 5 Star Pest Solutions is the most reliable tam around!


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