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Bed Bugs

Treatment Plans

Bed Bug Basics

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Bed bugs are one of the worst pests. These bugs hide in tiny crevices, produce eggs after each meal, give us itchy bites, and can survive over a year without food. Since they like to stay in one place, bed bugs hide in a secure spot near a constant food source. This is why they are often found in and around beds, as they are guaranteed a meal on most nights.


After a female bed bug feeds, she starts producing eggs. The number varies with each bed bug, but they generally lay up to 20 eggs after one feeding. As long as the adult bed bugs have nutrients from our blood, they will continue laying eggs for the rest of their lives. Young bed bugs also feed on our blood and start laying their own eggs about a month after hatching. The longer that bed bugs feed and live in one place, the larger their numbers will become.


It is easy to overlook bed bugs since they stay in the darkness and compress their bodies. But as soon as you or anyone in your home wakes up with red bites in the morning, it is a good idea to get ahead of the problem and contact the professionals at 5 Star Pest Solutions. Our experienced technicians complete ongoing training on the most efficient ways to stop these bloodsucking pests. We do not leave any bugs behind once we start our effective treatments.

What Are The Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation?

It is essential to look out for bed bugs in every season. They travel by hitchhiking on our bags and clothes, so these pests live in every part of the country. You don’t have to go on vacation to attract a family of bed bugs. Since they don’t need to eat every day and can fit into tight crevices, bed bugs are collected from any place with a constant rotation of people entering and sitting. This includes theaters, buses, schools, offices, and storage areas. The most common signs of a bed bug invasion are:

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Tiny blood spots on your sheets or pajamas

Yellow egg cases

Small brown spots on the mattress and sheets

Red, itchy bites in a line

Exoskeletons or bed bug shells

Any live or dead bed bugs

Bed bug bites are different from other bug bites because of one key factor: the pattern. These pests feed in a fairly straight line, leaving behind a trail of red welts that prove the presence of the bed bugs. They tend to only bite exposed skin, especially on legs and arms. If you find new bug bites – or worse, see any live bed bugs – it’s time to call in the professionals from 5 Star Pest Solutions. 

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We Are Detail Oriented

Bed bugs slip through the cracks – literally – when they are not targeted by professional treatments. In the 1990s, traditional pesticides were used to combat bed bugs in the same manner as any other pest. But bed bugs are now resistant to these products, so heat is the most effective treatment against bed bugs today. Our 5 Star team delivers a “one-two punch” of bed bug treatments by pairing our reliable heat treatments with our targeted conventional treatments. Our heat treatment consists of stationing heaters in the house to raise the temperature over 135 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to eliminate the bed bugs. 


As for our conventional treatments, our team completes a variety of tasks to stop all of the visible bed bugs in the house. We use a HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove large populations, apply liquid treatment to target active bed bugs, and place residual dust on the lights and outlets to catch bed bugs trying to enter. All of our treatments eradicate bed bugs by drying them out rather than using toxic pesticides. We do not only treat the infested room because bed bugs spread quickly, so we need to treat the entire house to end the infestation.

Defeat Bed Bugs With 5 Star

We understand the frustrations of finding bed bugs in your home. Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, not bloodthirsty pests! That is why our bed bug services include two follow-up services after the initial service. 


The initial service is when we treat every inch of the infested bedroom, including the:


  • Box springs

  • Bed frame

  • Mattress

  • Headboard

  • Other furniture

  • Baseboards

  • Curtains


Once that service is done, we return two weeks later to carefully inspect the house for bed bug activity. Our team vacuums up any new bed bugs and places glue boards in the active areas. Finally, we will return two weeks after that to perform a final inspection and determine if a manager needs to step in due to a resurgence of bed bugs. 


At 5 Star, we want you to enjoy the comfort of your home without bed bugs. Because of this, we also offer encasement sets for every mattress in your home. If you receive this preventative treatment – we highly recommend you do – along with the standard treatments, our bed bug services come with a 90 day guarantee! But don’t fret if you do not want the mattress encasements, as we still provide a 30 day guarantee for the standard services on their own. 


Our team has treated thousands of homes, offices, and hotels for bed bugs with great success! These bloodsucking pests don’t stand a chance against our effective treatments and extensive knowledge of their life cycles. When you want bed bug services that get the job done, contact 5 Star Pest Solutions!

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High-Quality Pest Control From 5 Star Pest Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, 5 Star Pest Solutions is ready to take on all of your Pest problems! We protect your property by eliminating and preventing any pests that plague you throughout the year. 5 Star Pest Solution takes care of it all! Our professional services are available in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for the 5 Star service you deserve!

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Every pest issue requires different treatment methods and materials, but our experienced team members can handle it all! 5 Star technicians are specialists in large-scale infestations. We offer full-service termite control with heat treatments, as well as wildlife management for invasive critters. As for pesky bed bugs, we provide full inspections, heat treatments for the whole house, and a 2 week follow-up with a 30 day guarantee. Between our lasting solutions and our efficient services, it is easy to see why 5 Star Pest Solutions is the most reliable tam around!


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