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Our 5 Star team has worked together for decades and are pioneers in Bed Bug Remediation.  We were 1st introduced to Bed Bugs in 1998, before there were any insecticides even labeled for bed bugs.  We considered them "cockroaches on steroids".  By 2001 Bed Bugs began to become more frequent and we were "lucky" enough to gain a tremendous amount of experience and insight in Bed Bug remediation and were one of the 1st to work with heat as a remedy for bed bugs in 2009.  Our team has treated 1000's of homes, offices, hotels, etc with heat with great success!  If you are looking for a fast, green, totally effective bed bug treatment completed in 1 day, heat is your best option! We also provide an additional layer of protection by providing a Silica treatment which will have a residual life inside wall voids for up to 10 years and approximately 6 months in the living area of your home!

Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Year Long

With over 20 years of experience, 5 Star Pest Solutions is ready to take on all of your Pest Infestations! 5 Star Pest Solutions prevents and protects your property from even the worst of pests. We take care of it all! Our high quality services are available in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for the 5 Star Service you deserve!

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